A scientist in a laboratory setting, representing GBI's team



Who We Are

GBI is a full-service CDMO offering a Single-Source Solution™ to flexibly accommodate biologics manufacturing projects at all stages including process tech transfer, scale-up, and cGMP manufacturing of the bulk drug substance and vialed drug product for preclinical and early phase through late-phase clinical trials and commercial usage.

Our transparent support services are designed to keep your project on track and on time as it moves through our extensive offering of mammalian cell culture development and manufacturing services.

GBI's Mission

We take pride in working with you to clearly develop strategies and pathways towards producing high-quality, cost-effective biologic products.

It’s GBI’s mission to eliminate the manufacturing risk for companies developing complex biologic therapeutics by being the preeminent provider of nimble cGMP-compliant manufacturing solutions, from preclinical development through commercial product supply.

Our History

In 1992 GBI, formerly Goodwin Biotechnology, Inc., was born from the longstanding non-profit Goodwin Institute for Cancer Research.

Though our services changed when we split off as a CMO, we always honor our roots in this research organization dedicated to fighting cancer by staying focused on the purpose of our work: the patient. That’s what drives us to work hard on projects like yours.

Structuring our work with the end-goal in mind has long been GBI’s special talent. We were one of the earliest biologics CDMOs to work with the concept of full integration, working with clients from the proof-of-concept stage through the manufacture of pre-clinical and clinical trial products in a process we call “GMPnization.” By working backwards in this way and anticipating future needs, we can focus on staying on schedule, on budget, and on top of whatever complications may arise as your product makes its way to the clinic.