Goodwin Biotechnology, Inc. Is Now GBI!

November 30, 2022

We are eager to announce our new name, GBI, and the accompanying rebrand that includes the launch of a brand new website, The new site features details about our upcoming 5,000 square foot facility expansion as well as the offering of commercial cGMP manufacturing services that will make use of the state-of-the-art equipment, which includes a 2,000 L bioreactor with a dedicated process train.

GBI’s new logo and brand aesthetic highlight our nimble approach to biomanufacturing, namely the agile infrastructure and varied platforms that allows us to start early and late-stage projects faster. The logo’s see-through structure alludes to GBI’s transparent project management, while its fluid, closed loop shape demonstrates the complete nature of our varied support service and manufacturing offerings.

“I’m very excited to share GBI’s new branding, particularly as we embark on a new era of increased commercial cGMP biomanufacturing,” said GBI Chief Executive Officer Darrin T. Schellin, “With a significant facility expansion launching in 2023, the future of GBI shines bright. We look forward to continued partnership with our existing clients as well as significant expansion into the commercial biomanufacturing landscape.”

The rebrand was spearheaded by New York City-based science agency That’s Nice.

Contact us to learn more about our upcoming facility expansion, our increased commercial cGMP manufacturing capabilities, or GBI’s many other CDMO services.